Britney Garcia

FULL NAME:  Britney Maria Garcia

GENDER:  Female

AGE:  15 (Birthday January 5)



SKIN COLOR:  Light brown 

HIGHT:  5’7″

WEIGHT:  132 lbs

BODY TYPE: Athletic 

PERSONALITY: Tough, loyal to her friends, brave, and sometimes sarcastic. A strong fighter. Never sugar coats a situation. 

HOMETOWN:  Bayville Heights

OCCUPATION:  Student at Bayville Heights High School

SIBLINGS: 3 younger sisters – Celisa 13, Christina 10 and Bre 7.

PARENTS: Dad –  Diego Garcia (Plant manager at a factory)

                  Mom  – Donna Garcia (Nurse at the hospital)

INTERESTS: She loves to learn new Martial Arts techniques and play sports for fun. She has a pet sugar glider named Sugar.

LOVE INTEREST: Even though she has been best friends with Bryan since they were 7 she knows they will never be a couple. In her heart, she knows she will take a different¬†path when it comes to¬†love. Britney is a lesbian. Only her best friend Bryan, her sister Celisa and now Paige (Tercona) know this about Britney. She keeps her sexuality a secret because her dad is very strict and doesn’t approve of the LGBT community.

Ever since Britney was little she always wanted to be a cheerleader. She practiced for years learning many different routines. Finally, in her freshman year of high school, she made the cheerleading team. 

She later found out that another girl named Samantha Stern only got on the cheer leading squad because her dad made a hefty donation to the school. Unlike Britney, Samantha had no experience or passion for cheering. She only wanted to be on the team because that’s what the popular girls did. 

When Britney found out that Samantha literally bought her way on the team, she quit cheer leading.

Of course another reason Britney quite might be because she had a crush on another cheer leader Tiffany and didn’t know how to approach her.

Maybe someday she’ll return to cheer leading and we’ll fine out for sure. 

Britney has a very tight and athletic body. She loves to wear crop tops in the summer and when she goes swimming she wears a bikini. 

Despite Bryan being her closest and oldest friend she loves to hang out with the girls.

Even though she quit the cheer leading team she is still very good friends with the current cheerleader squad captain, Tiffany. 

Her friend Maya introduced her to vegetarian food. 

And Paige is her newest friend. Britney & Bryan are the only 2 in the school who know that Paige is really the superhero Tercona. 

Britney is very strong and tough but also sarcastic and quick with a smart aleck comment.  She doesn’t sugar coat anything. Most of the time she’ll tell you exactly how it is even though you might not want to hear it. Unless it involves keeping a secret for a close friend.  She is also very loyal to her friends too.     

She knows three different styles of Martial Arts and sometimes teaches Tercona new moves so they can be a better crime fighting team.

Using her fighting skills she often protects her closest friends from being bullied.