Bryan Evans

FULL NAME: Bryan Evans


AGE: 15 (Birthday April 15)



SKIN COLOR: Caucasian

WEIGHT: 140 lbs

HIGHT: 5’6″ 

BODY TYPE: Slender

PERSONALITY: Smart, intelligent, scared of danger, witty and silly. 

HOMETOWN: Bayville Heights

OCCUPATION: Student at Bayville Heights High School. (He also works on computers, cell phones and tablets for extra cash.)


PARENT: Mom – Danielle F. Evans (Stay at home mom)   

INTERESTS: Superheros, superhero movies, sci-fi films, comic books, video games, computers, and other techy things. 

LOVE INTEREST: He has a big crush on Paige (Tercona) but she has no idea of his feelings. 

Bryan is not only nerdy and very smart but he also likes to make people laugh. He is quick-witted and always ready for a funny joke or bad pun. 

He has been known to play a practical joke on his friends from time to time but this often gets him in trouble. Like when he threw a water balloon on Britney at the pool. She didn’t find it very funny and threw him in the pool with his clothes on.  

Bryan spends most of his time indoors on his computer playing video games. He doesn’t like going outside because he is highly allergic to grass and pollen. He also has a mild allergy to peanuts. 

The biggest reason he leaves his house is to spend time with Paige or his other friends and to help Tercona fight crime. He suffers, but to him, it’s worth it. 

Every week he buys new comic books. Most of the time he goes alone but sometimes he drags his friends with him to show them the joy he feels from superheroes and comics. He also loves to play videos games too. If he’s not out with his friends you can always find Bryan behind a computer screen playing the latest video game.