Tercona is a superhero with the power to create anything, except air, water and life. Her constructions, however, are only temporary. The bigger the object the faster it disappears. The smaller the object the longer it takes to disappear. Blue electric bolts project from her thumb and first 2 fingers. In her family, only Tercona and her mother Medea have these powers! Raised on a distant planet called Badacore 3, she escaped the evil clutches of her mother and along with her father and younger brother found a new home on Earth. Tercona now protects the people of Earth from villains. Deep down she harbors a fear her mother might someday find her.

Paige is the alter ego of the superhero Tercona. She’s a typical high school teenager trying to fit in. A little nerdy, enjoys superhero movies, playing video games, and hanging out with her two best friends Bryan and Britney.

Bryan is a geeky kid who likes comic books, sci-fi stuff and, like Paige, enjoys superhero movies and loves to play video games. He is quick-witted and always ready with a silly joke or a bad pun. His two best friends are Paige and Britney. He has a crush on Paige.

Britney is a half-Latino and from a large conservative family. She has an athletic body and loves to wear crop-tops whenever she can. Britney has a black belt in Martial Arts. Her best friends are Paige and Bryan. She has known Bryan since they were in second grade together. Britney has stuck up for Bryan on several occasions when being bullied for being a nerd.

Tiffany is perky and outgoing girl. She’s the captain of the Bayville Heights High School cheer leading squad. She’s close friends with Britney because she used to be on the squad until Britney quit. 

Maya has a deep love for all living creatures. She is very Earth-friendly, peace-loving, and a vegetarian. As Paige and Britney’s newest friend Maya teaches them about peace, love, healthy food and how to resolve a problem in a non-violent way.

Samantha is very bratty, greedy and selfish. She’s on the cheer leading squad, although some people think she is not very good. Her parents own six of the biggest stores in town and is considered one of the most wealthy families in the area. In her eyes there is nothing money can’t buy.

Burmese is 7 feet tall, 300 lbs and VERY STRONG! His body is intimidating but he hardly ever uses is tough stature. He has a snake charm around his neck that gives him the ability to mind control people. Don’t look into his eyes or you’ll fall victim to – BURMESE! 

Medea is the mother of Tercona. Like Tercona, Medea has the power to create anything, except air, water and life. When Tercona, Nor-con and Personis escaped Badacore 3, Medea was not able to construct a ship with her powers and follow them into space because her powers are only temporary. She was left stranded on the planet.  

Trinity is a hot young girl in her late 20’s with a thirst for dangerous fun.  She knows she has a sexy body and so she uses her looks to tease and torment her victims pushing them into a heart pumping and sometimes deadly thrill ride. Trinity also has a very unique power that only lasts for 3 minutes at a time. 

Dr. Q was Tercona’s first official villain and was the antagonist of Tercona: Book 2 – Dr. Q & The Banana Gun. Dr. Q is a mad scientist bent on world domination. She thinks of crazy ideas to try and “take over the world” but they never turn out as expected. She teams up (or rather hires) various sidekicks to help her. None of them ever want to continue working with her. She’s selfish, conceited and thinks she’s always right!

Hemlock is a villain you haven’t seen in any of the books yet…but he’s coming! Hemlock is from the south and loves money. After spending time in jail for robbery he discovered some ancient rings. These rings, that he wears on his fingers, give off a smoke. Once his victim breathes in this smoke they are now under HIS control. Instead of stealing money himself, he tricks others into doing it for him.

Orgon Meek is another villain that is coming coon! Lio Meek was a chemist who was experimenting with ways to make more efficient oil. His experiments went very wrong and a blob like creature consumed him. He then became Orgon Meek, a creature, a living monster of oil. The more oil he absorbs the bigger he gets!

Adora is a character that hasn’t popped up yet…but she will! Adora is Maya’s sister! Maya is very connected to the Earth. She can talk to animals and see people all over the the planet. Adora, on the other hand, has the power to control what’s in the sky, the weather. She can conjure up rain, snow, storms and strong winds. Maya believes that Adora might be the reason for a lot of major storms and hurricanes on Earth.

Stanley & Dee Dee are people we haven’t seen yet, but they are coming soon! Stanley is a very intelligent kid. As graduate of Bayville Heights High School he is constantly returning to the school gloat about what he’s done and to ruin football games and high school events and act out his revenge on the kids and teachers who always picked on. He built his own robot girlfriend named Dee Dee. 

General George Landon has been after Tercona for quite some time. Using drones to watch over the skies of Bayville Heights, the military does whatever they can to stop Tercona. In the General’s eyes, Tercona is a threat to national security. Nobody should take the law into their own hands, even if she IS a superhero helping people. The good guys are the military!

Nor-con is Tercona’s dad. He has the power to heal Tercona with the same three fingered lighting but his power only heals, he can’t make constructs. His alter ego is Norman. He works from home as a computer specialist and Internet marketer. He is raising two kids as a single father. 

Personis is Tercona’s little brother. His alter ego name is Parker. He’s very good at fixing technology. He helped Tercona on a superhero mission once (in Tercona: Book 1 Our New Home.) After that one time, he decided that being a superhero isn’t for him. He always seems to get in trouble and often feels the need to prove himself to his family. Even though he doesn’t want to be a superhero he often feels second best to his sister.