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This is the 1st book. The one that started the whole story! Before the comic books the story started off as illustrated novels.

Tercona arrived on Earth in the early 1990’s, with her dad Nor-con and her brother Personis, escaping the clutches of her evil mother, Medea. Tercona and her mother are the only ones in her bloodline to the “power” to create things. Their bodies age VERY slowly, 1 year for every 10 years on Earth. For over 20 years Tercona disguised her self (and the rest of her family) as typical Earth people and have been on Earth running and hiding hoping Medea doesn’t find them. By 2014 Tercona was tired of running. At a moment when her family was in danger she became the superhero Tercona! Now she fights to protect her city – and the world – from evil.  


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