Samantha Stern

FULL NAME: Samantha E. Stern

GENDER: Female

AGE: 15 (Born Feb 11)




HIGHT: 5’5″

WEIGHT: 109 lbs

BODY TYPE: Athletic

PERSONALITY: Stuck up, rich, bratty, greedy and selfish. She always gets what she wants.

HOMETOWN: Bayville Heights

OCCUPATION: Student at Bayville Heights High School. (cheer leader)

SIBLINGS: 2 older sisters Heather (18) and Justice (21)

PARENTS: Mom – Nancy Stern

                  Dad –   Paul Stern

(they own 6 businesses in the town of Bayville.)

INTERESTS: Being a cheerleader, shopping, fashion,  and most of all…being popular.

LOVE INTEREST: Her boyfriend Blaine Holiday (16) 

Samantha Stern is a rich stuck-up know it all. Her 2 older sisters graduated so now she wants to rule the school. Her sisters were cheerleaders so she wanted to be a cheerleader too. Unfortunately, Samantha lacked the skill to be on the team so her daddy made a large donation to the school to make sure she got what she wanted. 

In Samantha’s eyes, there isn’t anything money can’t buy. 

Samantha looks down on just about anyone who doesn’t have as much money as she does. Her arch rival is Britney Garcia. Unlike Samantha, Britney has a tremendous athletic ability for being a cheer leader.  Samantha was relieved when Britney quit.