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Should Tercona be like an anime?

The very first anime shows I watched as a kid in the early 80’s were Battle Of The Planets and Starblazzers. I loved how these shows had an overarching story (a serialized storyline) where all the episodes connected like one big story.

Anime today does this too. Shows like Demon Slayer and my favorite My Hero Academia.

My Hero Academia is a fantastic anime show that has 6 seasons and counting! My favorite character is All Might!

I would consider MHA for kids 13+. Not ‘Mature rated‘ but defiantly not for younger kids either.

On the other hand, Amazon Prime has 2 shows that are also very cool, and action-packed. One of them is a superhero show too. Invincible & The Legend Of Vox Machina.

These two shows are definitely full of action, fight scenes, and more. There is a lot of blood, gore, and a few sex scenes too. I don’t want Tercona to be this mature-rated but I want my stories to be full of action, drama, and suspense and tackle some tough subjects too.

Currently, there are 6 comics with no. #7 on the way. As the series continues, I feel the comics are still for all ages but if I ever get the chance to turn it into a cartoon, I know I want this to be more than just a simple ‘kids show’ like Amphibia, The Owl House or Gravity Falls.

However, I also don’t want it to be as ‘adult‘ or ‘mature rated‘ as Invincible or The Legend Of Vox either. If Tercona ever becomes a cartoon (No, scratch that – WHEN it becomes a cartoon) I hope it will be an action-packed, character-driven, serialized story show like an anime show.

Can you see Tercona as an anime show?