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The Kickstarter is ending soon. (less than 5 days left!)

My Kickstarter for Tercona comic #7 has less than 5 days left!

Less than 5 days to go and it’s still not fully funded yet. If you want to fund my Kickstarter for Tercona comic #7 click on the picture.

I have to admit, I’m a little worried I won’t reach my funding goal of $500 but I’m not going to give up yet. I’m going to take this all the way until it’s over. My Kickstarter ends on Mother’s Day May 14th.

To back my Kickstarter click on the picture.

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Should Tercona be like an anime?

The very first anime shows I watched as a kid in the early 80’s were Battle Of The Planets and Starblazzers. I loved how these shows had an overarching story (a serialized storyline) where all the episodes connected like one big story.

Anime today does this too. Shows like Demon Slayer and my favorite My Hero Academia.

My Hero Academia is a fantastic anime show that has 6 seasons and counting! My favorite character is All Might!

I would consider MHA for kids 13+. Not ‘Mature rated‘ but defiantly not for younger kids either.

On the other hand, Amazon Prime has 2 shows that are also very cool, and action-packed. One of them is a superhero show too. Invincible & The Legend Of Vox Machina.

These two shows are definitely full of action, fight scenes, and more. There is a lot of blood, gore, and a few sex scenes too. I don’t want Tercona to be this mature-rated but I want my stories to be full of action, drama, and suspense and tackle some tough subjects too.

Currently, there are 6 comics with no. #7 on the way. As the series continues, I feel the comics are still for all ages but if I ever get the chance to turn it into a cartoon, I know I want this to be more than just a simple ‘kids show’ like Amphibia, The Owl House or Gravity Falls.

However, I also don’t want it to be as ‘adult‘ or ‘mature rated‘ as Invincible or The Legend Of Vox either. If Tercona ever becomes a cartoon (No, scratch that – WHEN it becomes a cartoon) I hope it will be an action-packed, character-driven, serialized story show like an anime show.

Can you see Tercona as an anime show?

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Tercona News #7


Tercona comic book #5 – Coming Out To A Friend

Tercona and Britney help stop an 80 year old woman named Madge from being robbed. When the fight is over Madge mistakes Tercona & Britney for being a couple. This doesn’t sit well with Britney. As the girls walk home, Britney opens up about her sexuality, her home life and how she doesn’t like being called a ‘side-kick’. She tells Paige that she needs more friends she can talk to because it’s hard for her to open up to just anyone. We soon find out why she shows so much anger, rage and anonymously when she fights.

This is an LGBT comic.

For the month of June (Pride month) you can read Comic #5 FOR FREE – as a web comic. Click the rainbow flag below.

Do I want you to buy the comic? Of course! You can buy 3 different covers to this comic in the SHOP page.

But since this is an LGBT comic, it is Pride Month and I since also believe that message is more

valuable if more people read it, for the month of June, it’s a FREE READ!


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Tercona News

Welcome to my brand new Tercona website!

Hi. My name is Frank James Bailey. I’m a voice actor and the creator of the Tercona book series. There are now 3 novels and 3 comic books in the series with more comic books on the way.

I created Tercona as a “nod” to my daughter Paige. When she was 7 (many years ago) she told me “Daddy, I don’t like princesses anymore. I like superheros!” So that’s how the seed of Tercona was planted in my head. In return, I named Tercona’s alter ego after her.

Browse the “Books and Comics” section to find out about each novel and comic book in the series.

Read about all the characters on the “Characters” page  and you can also read a “sneak peek” of each comic book too.

If you like what you see, head over to the “Shop” page to purchase the comics, books and prints that are for sale.


FYI…there is a VERY limited run of the variant covers for comics # 1, # 2 & # 3. Only 50, and I’ve already sold a few. Once their gone, their gone for good.

The newest comic book is comic #3 Tercona: Burmese.

As Tercona and her sidekick – oops, sorry – her friend Britney are patrolling the streets of Bayville Heights they encounter a new villain named Burmese. He’s 7 feet tall, 300 lbs and he’s after one thing, Tercona. They find out the hard way that he has the ability to mind control people. He forces Britney to fight Tercona! One question remains, is he working alone or does he work for someone?

To purchase the regular cover of this comic click HERE:

** For the Limited-edition Special cover click HERE:

Read a small sample of this comic HERE:


Finally, I want to send a shout out to the artist of my Tercona comics, Ujval Purabiya. He’s from India and we’ve worked together since 2015. Check out all his other work on his social media.

Find his Facebook page HERE:

You can also find him on Instagram HERE: