Tiffany Caldwell

FULL NAME: Tiffany Joy Caldwell

GENDER: Female

AGE: 15 (Birthday February 2)


EYE COLOR: Light blue

SKIN COLOR: Caucasian 

WEIGHT: 115 lbs

HIGHT: 5’7″

BODY TYPE: Athletic 

PERSONALITY: Energetic, fun, perky but not ditzy.

HOMETOWN: Bayville Heights

OCCUPATION: Student at Bayville Heights High School. She is the captain of the cheer leading squad. 

SIBLINGS: 1 – a younger brother named Mason – 10

PARENTS: Mom – Stacy Caldwell (Data entry at the factory)

                  DAD – Jim Caldwell (Truck driver)

INTERESTS: Loves to play put-put (mini golf) go to the movies and spend time with her friends. 

LOVE INTEREST: She hasn’t found that one special person to spend most of her time with. For now, her “love” is her friends and cheer leading. 

Tiffany has the perfect personality for being a cheerleader. She is perky but not ditzy. Upbeat but not to overly enthusiastic. She is almost always wearing her cheerleader uniform because she is very proud to be a high school cheerleader. 

She considers her best friend to be Britney. She was very disappointed when Britney left the team but respected her decision to go. 

She loves to go swimming in the summer and play mini golf.