FULL NAME: Trinity 

GENDER: Female

AGE: Late 20’s (actual age unknown)



SKIN COLOR: Creamy white

WEIGHT: 140 Lbs

HIGHT: 5’11”

BODY TYPE: Athletic

PERSONALITY: Playful yet dangerous, sassy and often breaks the fourth wall to talk to the reader. 

HOMETOWN:  California

OCCUPATION: Causing mischief and chaos whereever she goes. 

SIBLING: 1 Brother (Dead)

PARENTS: Both her mom and dad died when Trinity was 10.

POWERS: The ability to shape-shift into any living thing she touches. Her powers only last for 3 minutes at a time. However, she could shift from a bug, back to herself and then back to a bug again so the timing would start over.  

Her actual first appearance was in “Tercona: Book 2 – Dr. Q & The Banana Gun.” She stood on top of the mall watching and spying on Dr. Q, Paige, & Britney as they entered the mall.

When Trinity was a child, her parents died at the age of 10. Trinity and her younger brother were “adopted” by a government agency called Baka. They were experimented on with an alien DNA. This is how Trinity got her powers. Trinity survived the process and escaped. Her brother didn’t. Trinity has been on the run ever since. Baka continues to search for her because they want there ‘weapon’ back. 

Trinity feels that Baka stole her childhood so she is always trying to play jokes and mess with people that would not be considered, safe.