Fan Art

Tercona Fan Art

My first book, Tercona: Book 1 – Our New Home, was published in 2015. Since then I have had quite a few fans who like to draw their own version of Tercona.

I am extremely humbled by how much you guys like Tercona so much this page is dedicated to all the up and coming artists who like to draw Tercona.

Thank you again for all your love and support.

This one was drawn by my daughter Paige. She has cosplayed as Tercona at a few comic cons too.

Vinicius (She said everyone calls her by Vine) and she’s from Brazil.

This drawing of Tercona was drawn by Sara Marsano from Washington.

This drawing is a drawing of Britney Garcia. It was also drawn by Sara Marsano from Washington.

This one is by ScarletGhostX. She’s a huge Danny Phantom fan which is why Tercona and Britney are drawn in that style.

This one is from Robert Torices who is from Brasil. If you think Tercona looks a lot like Kim Possible it’s because Torices draws a lot of Kim Possible fan artist.

Carissa from Washington.

Abby Cheer from California

Don Baxter from Cleveland, OH

This one is by Martha Schwartz. She’s from Orlando, FL. She makes her own comics and she also made a Tercona Funko Pop for me too.

Miles from North Carolina.

Pancake from Mexico. (Yes, that’s her name…Pancake!)

Hasatona from Indonesia.

ButterCritter on Instagram.

This one is by Tan Thuy from Utah. Look her up she also does her own comic book series too.

Cartoon Celeb

Mari Josi from Lima, Peru.

James Cook from Texas.

William from Oklahoma.

Tercona as a My Little Pony. This is from StryKariSPEEDER AKA – Nathan Barlow.

Kayla from New York.

Alex Greem from the UK.

Drew Magick Illusions from Fort Wayne, IN.

This is a short comic from Neo Koi.

Here’s another one from Neo Koi.

This one is from Topher of Putnamental Animation.