Maya Rose

FULL NAME: Maya Gaea Rose

GENDER: Female

AGE: 15 (Birthday May 1)


EYE COLOR: Dark brown


WEIGHT: 135 lbs

HIGHT: 5’8″

BODY TYPE: Slender

PERSONALITY: Laid back, easy going, sensitive, open-minded and a free spirit. She likes to laugh and have fun with her ​friends.

HOMETOWN: Bayville Heights

OCCUPATION: Student at Bayville heights High School (she loves working with animals that are allowed to roam free.)

SIBLINGS: 1 – Younger sister Adora

PARENTS: Unknown

INTERESTS: Maya has a deep love for all animals and all livings things in general. She is a vegetarian and will not eat any kind of meat, chicken or fish. She loves to meditate.

Maya has a strong heart for all animals. She once worked at a pet store and had to quit within a week because she found it too emotional to see all the little critters locked up in cages. 

Some people think she can actually talk to or communicate with animals. She has been known to look them in the eyes, say a few words and then they seem to listen to her. 

She tries her best to stay away from conflict and violence.

Maya likes the outdoors and loves to meditate in nature. Breathing the fresh air and listening to the sounds of nature makes her very happy. She feels a deep connection with mother Earth. Sometimes, if she is in a full meditative state, she can actually hear a cry for help from far away.  

She also likes to have fun with her friends Britney and Paige. Whether it’s breakfast, sledding or riding a roller coaster, her connection with her friends makes her heart grow strong.

** Her friends don’t know this yet but Maya has powers! She can talk to animals and when she meditates she can SEE anywhere on Earth, almost like a satellite from high i n the sky. When she puts all her focus on one person she can get inside that persons head. She CAN’T control them but she can communicate with them and guide them. **