Comic #2 – Tercona: The Secret

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When a local convenience store is robbed Tercona and her friend Britney are quickly on the scene to stop them.  Britney is one tough girl but a teenage crime fighter is no challenge to her own mother whop wants to keep her house clean. Fighting crime is a dirty job!

6 reviews for Comic #2 – Tercona: The Secret

  1. Brad

    I thought for sure this comic would pick up where #1 left off…but it didn’t. It’s still a good comic.

  2. Vicki

    Of all the Tercona comics this is my least favorite. Britney mud wrestles? lol

  3. Ellen

    This comic doesn’t mesh with the Thea story but I still liked it. Britney is a bad-ass! She can really kick but. The two dumb criminals were funny too.

  4. Samatha

    Comic #2 was good…but not as good as comic #1. Iove hos Britney stopped that girl in the mud plus we get to know more about Britney too. C+

  5. Kim Clark

    I was slightly disappointed that #2 didn’t continue the story line that was started in #1 but it was a fun filler. We get to know more about Britney and the two criminals in the beginning are funny too.

  6. Lacy Turner

    Even thought this comic is my least favorite of the series I still like it. The banter in the beginning of the comic is very funny.

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