Comic #3 – Tercona: Burmese

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As Tercona and her sidekick – oops, sorry – her friend Britney are patrolling the streets of Bayville Heights they encounter a new villain named Burmese. He’s 7 feet tall, 300 lbs and he’s after one thing, Tercona. They find out the hard way that he has the ability to mind control people. He forces Britney to fight Tercona! One question remains, is he working alone or does he work for someone?

7 reviews for Comic #3 – Tercona: Burmese

  1. Brad

    This one picks up where #1 left off. It’s colorful, dramatic and we get to see that Tercona can’t be mind controlled. Awesome comic! Plus…we get a peak at Thea Baymont.

  2. Vicki

    I love comic #3 Burmese. What an intimidating villain. Tall, built big and he can mind control people! We also find out Tercona CAN’T be mind controlled too. What a great comic.

  3. Ellen

    This comic picks up were #1 left off. We[‘re also introduced to a new villain, Burmese! He can control things with his snake thing. Plus the dude is HUGE! He makes Britney fight her friend Tercona and then gets away. Tercona is no match for Britney unless she uses her powers. Plus, it ends with another cliffhanger. We still don’t know who Thea is!

  4. Samatha

    In comic #3 we are introduced to Burmese! He’s a big dude but he doesn’t use his large size as his weapon. Nope, he used as snake charm to mind control people. And get this, Tercona CAN’T BE MIND CONTROLLED! Burmese makes Britney fight Tercona so he could get away and at the end we see he works for Thea! We Still Don’t See Her Face! WHO IS THIS WOMAN?

  5. Kim Clark

    This comic picks up were #1 left off. The dude that was hired to take down Tercona in comic #1 is getting out of jail, he’s met with a big black limo and then we are introduced to Burmese! He doesn’t look that intimidating in the limo but when Tercona and Britney meet up with him later this guy towers over both of them! He uses his snake charm necklace to mind control Britney and he makes them fight each other so he can get away. At the end we see Thea…but we don’t see her fully. What a tease! Great comic!!!

  6. Lacy Turner

    There is so much to unpack in comic #3. Burmese is a very tall formidable villain and he works for Thea! We find out Tercona is immune to mind control and Britney still doesn’t like to be a ‘side-kick’. Awesome comic!

  7. Tara S.

    Last year I bought comics 1 and 2 from Frank at Fantasticon in Toledo. This year I got the rest. (#3-#6) My kids loved the series and trying to get it at a comic book store but they didn’t have it. I think it was better to buy it from Frank in person anyway since he sighed the comic for us. My kids LOVE Tercona!

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