Comic #3 – Tercona: Burmese

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As Tercona and her sidekick – oops, sorry – her friend Britney are patrolling the streets of Bayville Heights they encounter a new villain named Burmese. He’s 7 feet tall, 300 lbs and he’s after one thing, Tercona. They find out the hard way that he has the ability to mind control people. He forces Britney to fight Tercona! One question remains, is he working alone or does he work for someone?

2 reviews for Comic #3 – Tercona: Burmese

  1. Brad

    This one picks up where #1 left off. It’s colorful, dramatic and we get to see that Tercona can’t be mind controlled. Awesome comic! Plus…we get a peak at Thea Baymont.

  2. Vicki

    I love comic #3 Burmese. What an intimidating villain. Tall, built big and he can mind control people! We also find out Tercona CAN’T be mind controlled too. What a great comic.

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