Comic #4 – Fighting Blind

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The dangerous new villain Burmese is still on the loose. He continues to search the city for Tercona. Meanwhile, Britney figured out that if she fights him again she’ll fight him blindfolded so he won’t be able to mind control her. Is she ready to fight blind? Why does Burmese what Tercona? Is there something bigger at stake? Find out in this exciting new comic – Fighting Blind!


7 reviews for Comic #4 – Fighting Blind

  1. Brad

    This one is my favorite of all the Tercona comics…so far. Burmese is back! Maya reveals her power and we finally get a full reveal of Thea! Her motivation is realistic but also scary!

  2. Vicki

    This comic has the most pages! It’s worth MORE then just $5 but all of his comics are only $5. There is so much to unpack here. Maya has powers, Britney fighting blind and we FINALLY get to see what Thea looks like. WOW!!!

  3. Ellen

    For me this one gives us the best value! 32 pages for only $5! Burmese is back and he finds Tercona at her school. Britney fights him blindfolded while Maya helps her. Yes, Maya has powers. We see that Maya knows that snake thing around Burmese’s neck. Kawanna…something and we FINALLY see Thea’s face! Her version of true freedom has a point.

  4. Samatha

    This comic really packs a punch. It’s 32 pages long! Britney wants to fight Burmese blind. (hence the title) She’s also frustrated with her situation at home. She defends a bully picking on a lesbian couple and we see that Maya has powers. One more thing, we FINALLY see Thea. Her drive to have a truly free world is scary. B+

  5. Kim Clark

    This is the biggest comic of all of them! 32 pages. Burmese returns and he goes to a school. The high school of Paige & Britney. Burmese doesn’t lift a finger. He uses his snake necklace to mind control kids and makes them fight Britney who blindfolded her self so he can’t mind control her. Maya helps Britney fight Burmese because she has powers too. She can get into peoples heads! She tries to get into Burmese’s head and she knows…THE SNAKE? WHAT? In the end we finally see what Thea looks like. Her motivation to get rid of all superheros, cops, laws and live truly free is interesting.

  6. Lacy Turner

    This comic is borderline a graphic novel. It’s much bigger then the other comics and it’s still only $5. Britney defends a lesbian couple coming out of school from a jerk that threw soda on them. (I love that high kick) Burmese shows up. In love how Bryan is trying to give Tercona a catchphrase but ‘blue power’ just doesn’t work. The fight outside is great and we find out Maya has powers! Who the heck is Kamala….whatever. OH…we finally get to see what Thea looks like too. Awesome comic.

  7. Tara S.

    Last year I bought comics #1 and #2 from Frank at Fantasticon in Toledo. This year I got the rest. (#3 – #6) My kids loved the first 2 comics and were trying to find it at a comic book store to buy the rest but they didn’t have it. I think it was better to buy them from Frank at the con and in person anyway since he sighed the comic for us. My kids LOVE Tercona!

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