Comic #1 – Tercona: Who is Thea Baymont?

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After a local barber shop is robbed, Tercona and Britney return the money to the store only to be attacked by a sniper with a unique slime gun. Who is this new villain with a unique weapon? Who does he work for? Most importantly, will Britney ever dye her hair blue.

8 reviews for Comic #1 – Tercona: Who is Thea Baymont?

  1. Emma

    It comic kicks off the series with suspense and action. Plus it leave you with a great cliffhanger!

  2. Chris

    Frank is a great writer and his artist Ujval really brings this comic to life. Comic #1 is what got me hooked but I love the whole series. I can’t wait for comic #7!

  3. Brad

    I bought this comic in 2019 for my niece. She loved it and wondered where she could get the rest. The next time I saw Frank at a comic con I bought the rest. Comic #1 is a great start.

  4. Vicki

    I read the original 3 books. They’re goo but I like the comics better. They are more visual. This first comic hits it out of the park. Thrilling, suspenseful and it leaves you with a cliffhanger!

  5. Ellen

    This comic kicks off the series and I love it! I met Frank at a comic on in Ohio and took a chance on this comic. I like supporting indie comics. This one was great. The artwork was good and the story drew me in. Now I need to know, Who is Thea Baymont?

  6. Samatha

    I meet Frank at a comic con in Cleveland in 2022. I saw this amazing superhero with long blue hair and I had to know more. He told me comic #1 was a free read webcomic so I took his business card and read read it while I was eating lunch. After reading comic #1 I was hooked! I bought all 6 comics and I had to see where this story was going and most of all, I had to know – Who is Thea Baymont?

  7. Kim Clark

    I met Frank at the Gem City Comic Con in Dayton Ohio many years ago. I saw this blue haired superhero banner in back of his table and I had to know more. He told me all about how Tercona’s alter ego is named Paige, after his daughter. So I bought the first comic and I’ve been hooked every since. This first comic kicks off the series with a bang. Plus it leaves you with an incredible cliffhanger. I hope to see these comics as a cartoon someday.

  8. Lacy Turner

    I read this comic (#1) as a free webcomic on the website a while ago. It got me very interested in what was to come. So I was visiting my grandparents in the Cincinnati area back in 2021 and we went to a comic con in Dayton. I was surprised to see Frank there. I loved this first comic so much I bought the first 5 comics in the series. Frank is very good at telling a great story and I can’t want to see the rest!

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