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Tercona New #9

Back in June I published my latest comic, #5 Coming Out To A Friend. This is the cover to that comic.

Tercona and Britney help stop an 80 year old woman named Madge from being robbed. When the fight is over Madge mistakes Tercona & Britney for being a couple. This doesn’t sit well with Britney. As the girls walk home, Britney opens up about her sexuality, her home life and how she doesn’t like being called a ‘side-kick’. She tells Paige that she needs more friends she can talk to because it’s hard for her to open up to just anyone. We soon find out why she shows so much anger, rage and anonymously when she fights.

June was Pride month so I made it a FREE READ (like a web comic) because this is an LGBT comic.

We are past June now. After carful thought, I decided it would be best to make sure anyone could read this – anywhere in the world! So as of today, you can read this comic all the time as a FREE READ web comic on this website. All you have to do to read comic #5 – Coming Out To A Friend – for free – is click on the rainbow below.

Now please keep in mind, I do want to make money by selling this comic and if you’re a comic book collector I can’t “sign” a web comic.

I just thought the message of this comic would be better received if anyone could read it.

PLEASE KEEP IN MIND, not all my comics are a FREE READ web comic. With comics #2, #3 & #4 you can read small a sample (the first 5 or 6 pages) of those comics.

You can only read comics #1 and #5 for free , like a web comic on

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Tercona News #8

This month I will be returning to LIVE in-person comic cons! I haven’t been to a live comic con since Wizard World Cleveland in March of 2020.

My first comic con of 2021 is The Gem City Comic Con on July 24 & 25 in Dayton, OH.

Fun fact, The Gem City Comic Con was the very first con I attended to sell my Tercona books in 2016. This was me back then…

A lot sure has changed in 5 years! 3 novels and 5 comics later I’m still here.

Anyway…come see me at The Gem City Comic Con on July 24 & 25 in Dayton, OH.

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Tercona News #4

Here are 2 important updates.

#1 – I have a new comic coming out in April. It’s comic #4 Tercona: Fighting Blind!

The dangerous new villain Burmese is still on the loose. He continues to search the city for Tercona. Meanwhile, Britney figured out that if she fights him again she’ll fight him blindfolded so he won’t be able to mind control her. Is she ready to fight flind? Why does Burmese what Tercona? Is there something bigger at stake? Find out in this exciting new comic – Fighting Blind!

#2 – Since I have NEW comic coming out soon I decided to make my 1st comic (Tercona: Who is Thea Baymont?) a FREE READ. (Not a free download. You can read it for free on this site like a web comic.)

All you have to do is click on the cover to comic #1 anywhere on this site. It will take you to a link where you can read the entire comic for free.

Do I want you to buy the comic? OF COUSE! After all I can’t “sign” a web comic! The idea behind this free read is to get new fans interested in the story of Tercona. If I can hook them on comic #1 they just might want to read the rest of the comics too. So click on the comic book cover below and read comic #1 – Who Is Thea Baymont? FOR FREE!

Click on the cover to read comic #1 Tercona: Who is Thea Baymont? FOR FREE

(like a web comic)