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Tercona News #17

** This post has nothing to do with Tercona but I am the WRITER of this new book so I wanted to tell you about it. **

The Kickstarter for my book The Taming Of April is NOW LIVE!!!

Can a wild girl find true love? Find out in The Taming Of April.

To back my Kickstarter for The Taming Of April just “click” the picture.

There are 2 different covers for this book. Below is the regular cover. This cover will eventually make its way to Amazon and bookstores.

This cover was made by my Tercona artist Ujval Purabiya.

An artist named Robert Torices did this cover. This cover is ONLY available on Kickstarter!

Again, to back the Kickstarter for The Taming Of April all you have to do is CLICK on the picture that says – Kickstarter LIVE!