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Come see me at Fan Expo Cleveland!

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Fantasticon In Toledo 2024

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Fantasticon – Fort Wayne, IN

Halloween weekend I’m going to be at Fantasticon in Fort Wayne, IN but I’m NOT going to be there to sell my books. Let me explain…

For the very first time, I was invited to a comic con as a social media influencer!

I’ve been making videos on YouTube since 2011. I started on TikTok in 2021. I’ve accumulated over 3,000 friends and followers on Facebook and I have many followers on Instagram and Twitter (X) too. I’m NOT super popular! But every time I go to a comic con I make videos and content telling people to come to the con and have fun and buy a comic from me too. LOL

So even though I will not be selling my books this time I hope to see you at Fantasticon in Fort Wayne, IN on Halloween weekend.

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The 2023 Cincinnati Comic Expo!

The 2023 Cincinnati Comic Expo went very well this year. I think the attendance was down from 2021 & 2022 but there were still a lot of people there on Saturday!

This year (2023) marks my third time at The Cincinnati Comic Expo. It’s one of the best 3-day cons in Ohio.

This is what the crowd was like on Saturday. I could hardly get away to go to the bathroom. This is what ALL comic cons should strive to look like!

Kara Kelly from Yellow Springs, OH bought all 7 Tercona comics for her niece and she bought 2 copies of The Taming Of April. This was by best sale all weekend. Plus, she LOVES The Taming Of April, made fan art of April and she’s already posted a review on!

People in Cincinnati love Tercona and I love going to the Cincinnati Comic Expo.

Next year, the Cincinnati Comic Expo is going to move the date and the location because the Duke Energy Center will be under renovation. I probably won’t go back until the construction is complete.

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My Last Comic Con of 2023!

My last comic con of 2023 will be The Cincinnati Comic Expo. It’s the weekend of Friday, Saturday & Sunday – Sept. 22, 23 & 24.

My table number is C – 21!

I’ll have all 7 comics including the newest comic #7 – You Can’t Save Everyone! All the comics are only $5.

I don’t just write kids comics anymore either. I also wrote a romantic comedy novel called, The Taming of April. This book is $15.

Finally, I have a special limited edition cover of The Taming of April. This book is $25. There are only 5 copies left!

I hope to see YOu at The Cincinnati Comic Expo!

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My Kickstarter is officially done!

For those of you who backed my Kickstarter back in April/May – the packages have been shipped! You should receive them in about a week or less. The digital PDF copies have been sent out too. Thank you once again for supporting my Kickstarter.

This was my first successful Kickstarter. It was a lot of work getting people to follow it, going on different podcasts to get the word out, making memes, and making sure everyone was in the loop with up-to-date information once it was over.

Once I have the script written and my artist Ujval draws comic #8 I’ll do it again in 2024.

If you missed out on the Kickstarter you can come see me at The Gem City Comic Con July 22 & 23 and get comics #1 – #7! Don’t forget you can also get my romantic comedy novel The Taming Of April too.

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Signed or NOT signed?

Look what I go in the mail the other day!

So as you can see, I have all the printed comics in my house and I’m in the process of getting them ready to mail out soon. 

I’m spending most of my 4th of July holiday getting packages ready to mail out.

I sent out messages to the backers who bought a physical copy and asked them if they wanted their comics signed or not sighed. Most people like to have a comic signed, but I have had a few people in the past NOT want it signed because they believe it brings the value down.  Some of these backers have gotten back to me while others have not…yet. Now, I’m just waiting to hear back from the rest of them.

This is one of the biggest reasons I made the delivery date of my comics (for the Kickstarter) as far ahead as October! Small delays can pop up. My Kickstarter ended in May but I gave myself 5 months to make sure I had everything. 

With any luck, I’ll have all the packages sent out sometime in August or sooner. 

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I’m working on getting the comics ready!

I wanted to give you guys an update...

Now that Kickstarter is done with their part the rest is up to me.

Most of my backers from my Kickstarter have gotten back to me with emails and addresses but not all of them. I’m currently working hard on getting the comics ready.

First, the digital ones should be easy. After that, I’ll place the order for the physical copies and when I receive them I’ll send them out.

I’ll keep you posted.


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Thank you!

Here it is Monday morning and I am overjoyed.  

I woke up to see my Kickstarter for Tercona comic #7 – You Can’t Save Everyone – was OVER 100% funded and it was a success. This means I now have my FIRST successful Kickstarter! 

Today I celebrate that I have my FIRST successful Kickstarter.

You heard me right, this is my first successful Kickstarter. Some of you might not know this but I tried Kickstarter with 2 other books in 2020 and in 2022 and they failed. With this campaign being a success it has given me hope for the future. 

This Kickstarter looked better, it had a smaller goal and I’m sure backing a few Kickstarters and helping other people on Kickstarter made a big difference too. 

Now since this is my FIRST successful Kickstarter I have to do a few things next. 

But before I get to all that other stuff I wanted to say…thank you!

Expect to hear from me again soon about the comic.  Again…I can’t thank you enough.