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Tercona News #22

2 FREE read webcomics!

When I go to comic cons and bookstores I always tell people I offer 2 comics as a FREE READ webcomic. Comic #1 and comic #5. Comic #1 is called – “Who is Thea Baymont?” This is the comic that started the “Thea Baymont.” storyline. You can read that entire comic (like a webcomic) by clicking the cover below.

After a local barber shop is robbed, Tercona and Britney return the money to the store only to be attacked by a sniper with a unique slime gun. Who is the new villain with a unique weapon? Who does he work for? Most importantly, will Britney ever dye her hair blue?

The next free webcomic is comic #5. This comic has nothing to do with the Thea Baymont storyline. However, it’s an LGBT+ comic so I felt the need to make sure anyone around the world count read it. If you know anyone in the LGBT community and you think they’re afraid to talk to anyone, this comic will show you how they feel. Yes, I know some people in the LGBT community are proud of who they are and they should be but for those people who are afraid to tell anyone, this is why! To read comic #5 – Coming Out To A Friend – for FREE click the cover below.

Tercona and Britney help stop an 80-year-old woman named Madge from being robbed. When the fight is over Madge mistakes Tercona & Britney for being a couple. This doesn’t sit well with Britney. As the girls walk home, Britney opens up about her sexuality, her home life, and how she doesn’t like being called a ‘sidekick’. She tells Paige that she needs more friends she can talk to because it’s hard for her to open up to just anyone. We soon find out why she shows so much anger, rage, and anonymously when she fights.

Remember: There are 6 comics in the series with #7 on the way next year. You can ONLY read #1 & #5 as FREE READ webcomics. The rest will only have the first few pages as a sample.

Some of you might be asking why I didn’t make these webcomics as a free download. It’s simple. I want you to read it on the website because it keeps you here on the site. After reading the webcomics you might want to order them or find out more about the characters.

I hope you enjoy my 2 free webcomics!

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