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The 2023 Cincinnati Comic Expo!

The 2023 Cincinnati Comic Expo went very well this year. I think the attendance was down from 2021 & 2022 but there were still a lot of people there on Saturday!

This year (2023) marks my third time at The Cincinnati Comic Expo. It’s one of the best 3-day cons in Ohio.

This is what the crowd was like on Saturday. I could hardly get away to go to the bathroom. This is what ALL comic cons should strive to look like!

Kara Kelly from Yellow Springs, OH bought all 7 Tercona comics for her niece and she bought 2 copies of The Taming Of April. This was by best sale all weekend. Plus, she LOVES The Taming Of April, made fan art of April and she’s already posted a review on!

People in Cincinnati love Tercona and I love going to the Cincinnati Comic Expo.

Next year, the Cincinnati Comic Expo is going to move the date and the location because the Duke Energy Center will be under renovation. I probably won’t go back until the construction is complete.

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